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Download torrent In the Valley of the Smoking River : The Beginning

In the Valley of the Smoking River : The Beginning.cRonald a McMillian
In the Valley of the Smoking River : The Beginning
Author: Ronald a McMillian
Page Count: 182 pages
Published Date: 27 Oct 2015
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781517679125
Download Link: In the Valley of the Smoking River The Beginning

In the Valley of the Smoking River; the Beginning A synopsis A member of an unnamed tribe, circa 1700 AD, Summers Gift gives birth to a special child named Little One. He is special in more ways than can be immediately observed, with the most obvious being that he is born with the "withering sickness." His legs are but two undeveloped stumps, which would keep Little One from walking or running. As was the custom, the old medicine man is summoned to perform a blessing and deliver the little boy to a holy place where Little One will return to his ancestors. In the next life, Little One will have a whole body and walk amongst his ancestors. This is Little One's fate--or is it? Standing Elk, at 10 years old, does not understand nor accept the decision to have his little brother, Little One, leave this life and enter the next one. Standing Elk did not understand the challenges facing his brother, so in his naivety, he intervenes, stopping the old medicine man from delivering Little One to the holy place. The old medicine man tries to explain the challenges Little One will face and the fact that the child will never walk. Standing Elk stands his ground making a commitment that if Little One cannot walk, then Standing Elk will carry him; a commitment far beyond his years, making the two boys as one, yet still separate. The two brothers walk the same yet different paths. Little One and Standing Elk both learn from their father, Strong Bear. However, raising children in this culture is a village affair. Beyond their father, the old medicine man, Sees Far, grooms Little One toward becoming a holy man and possibly a future medicine man. Standing Elk's mentor, beyond his father, is Lame Deer, the tribe's leading warrior. Lame Deer teaches Standing Elk to become a warrior and possible future tribal chief. Both boys hone their skills and learn of their individual paths, but also learn together and form an almost seamless entity. Together they face many challenges. Challenges that develop them into the leaders they are both destined to become. As years pass, Little One and Standing Elk grow, learn, contribute and face great challenges. Together the two youngsters: experience their first buffalo hunt play key roles in the survival of the tribe through the "long hunger" meet their future brides share their vision quest and the lessons learned from their spirit guides face two separate attacks from their nemesis tribe known as the Pawtanay experience tribal life and customs While Little One and Standing Elk complete their spirit quest, they come under attack from the Pawtanay. Using their wits and spiritual abilities, they defeat their attackers. This act adds to the legend as the "circle of life in the valley of the Smoking River continued, as it had for untold generations, and this was as it should be.""

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